Intermedia Art

Meetings of art, nature, technology, science and society with a feminist perspective. An unpublished, unclassifiable and visionary digital culture that fosters the encounter of the unexpected.

Intermedia Art

ECOSS is an international program that explores the connections between digital networks and the performing arts, with the aim of becoming an engine for creative innovation and contemporary thought.

Workshops & Labs

Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann develop an intensive training activity in the field of contemporary creation and new technologies.


This workshop proposes an introduction to the techniques and possibilities of video mapping scene, allowing projection on unconventional surfaces and objects.

Workshops & Labs

Several international workshops have been organnized within the IAM EU project, with the objective to create a space for dialogue and training on the use of AR to promote cultural heritage.

Networked Performance

Networked performance. Distributed dance between Kònic Thtr in Barcelona and Nantou-Taiwan. Dancer Victoria Macarte will establish a duo from Barcelona with dancer Yi Tzu Lee in Nantou – Taiwan, with the music played live between Prague (Ivan Vokac.Cello, Jan Mracek.Violin y Lukas Klansky.Piano) and Miami (Andrew Larson.Cello)

Interactive stage

The ‘Digital Stage Workshop’ is a space for reflection on the future of the performing arts and new stages generated by the use of new technologies.

Interactive stage

Konic Thtr develops and presents a show in Shadok – digital factory in Strasbourg – working as artists in residence with the collaboration with young dancers from the dance department from at Strasbourg University.

Interactive and Networked

Workshop: distributed and telematic stage. Santiago – Barcelona. 2013

Escena interactiva

If you are interested in some fomer projects that are not on this site, you can find some information about works (starting 1992) on the former version of our website.