Digital environment


The INMINEXO VIDEO GAME is a 3D and interactive digital environment that allows the public to obtain an immersive sensation through virtual navigation, from an experience conducted in real time by one or two people from the audience (when it is presented as a project exhibition), or by the performers (when it is presented as a stage project). 

A conceptual proposal that reflects on how humans relate to their urban and natural environment. 

Koniclab is working through this year 2022 on this new digital creation in 2 phases 

INMINEXO DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT is an interactive environment displayed on two large-format projection screens and quadraphonic sound, led by a dancer from a joystick. It was developed and presented to the public within the stage project Multiple Intelligences In_Exo Corpòries premiered at the Mercat de les Flors / Dance and Technology Days / expanded programming ISEA2022 (premiere June 10-11, 2022). 

INMINEXO VR is the version of Virtual Reality (VR) for two users, with a navigation and position tracking device based on sensors and sound-visualization through VR glasses, to offer the public a total immersion experience, from the direct interaction with the elements of this environment, modifying them and creating events according to the decision of the person who interacts. 

Koniclab is currently working on the development of this immersive context. 

 Some of its objectives are: 

 – Provide new innovative and participatory formats for the performing and visual arts. 

   – Bring digital culture to the mainstream, and integrate it with other disciplines and ways of making more traditional culture. 

 – Bring environmental and critical themes to the world of videogames, and transform it into an artistic tool that transcends the competitive and fighting languages of videogames. 

 – Create new audiences and encourage their participation to make culture accessible. This makes it possible to broaden the spectrum of audiences (age, social origin, diverse cultures). 

 -Promote the alliance of artists, scientists, technologists, research and dissemination structures. 

Here you can see a preview of the diferent levels we created for INMINEXO_VR

INMINEXO is an original creation that is part of the artistic project Multiple Intelligences In_Exo Corpóreas by  Kònic Thtr Intermedial Company and produced by  the KONICLAB Association. With the support of  Mercat de les Flors, Fabra i Coats, creation factory and ENTI, Barcelona School of New Interactive Technologies of the University of Barcelona. Koniclab also has the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.  

Multiple Intelligences In_Exo Corpòries is an interdisciplinary artistic proposal that relates dance, science, technology and society with an eco-environmental theme. It is a modular project with different cultural formalizations, which include a scenic project, an interactive and immersive VR installation. 



Script and artistic direction:

Rosa Sánchez

Music and technological direction:

Alain Baumann

Lead Game design, development & programmer:

Alex Martínez Casala

Character design:

Alan Martínez Mata


Eva Romero