Kònic thtr is a Barcelona based artistic platform focusing on contemporary creation at the border between art and new technologies. Its main center of activity is the application of interactive technology to artistic projects.

Kònic thtr is internationally renowned for the use and incorporation of interactive technology in creative projects. Their work have been shown in Spain, Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Through the research processes undertaken by Kònic Thtr since the beginning of the 1990’s, the company has developed a unique and personal language in this field of contemporary creation.


Kòniclab is the frame for the development of research lines and artistic experimentation linked with technologies that will be applied to interactive stage and
audiovisual installations projects.
Kòniclab also is the legal entity and the producer of the audiovisual publications of Kònic Thtr.



Rosa Sánchez & Alain Baumann are leading the conceptual, creative and technological developments in Kònic (Thtr&Lab).

They both have and extensive knowledge and lenghty experience of working with new technologies applied to performance, dance, installation and theatre.

Rosa Sánchez. Multidisciplinary and media artist, performer & choreographer. Artistic director and co founder of Konic thtr.

Alain Baumann. Musician, media artist. He is in charge of developing the interactive devices used by Konic thtr.


Fields of intervention.
The activity of Kònic Thtr & LAB is articulated in four main axes: creation, research, training and publications.

The artistic projects of Konic thtr, in staged or installation format incorporate interactive and telematics technologies, audiovisual and multimedia languages, as well as performance, music and dance

Languages of contemporary creation and communication enhanced by technology.

Workshops and Labs of R&D+i applied to the arts and new technologies.

Kònic Thtr generate publications in diverse formats to document their activities or as a creative means in itself.