Networked Performance

Asia Pacific Advanced Network 38th meeting (APAN 38th) · 2014

Networked performance. Distributed dance between Kònic Thtr in Barcelona and Nantou-Taiwan. Dancer Victoria Macarte will establish a duo from Barcelona with dancer Yi Tzu Lee in Nantou – Taiwan, with the music played live between Prague (Ivan Vokac.Cello, Jan Mracek.Violin y Lukas Klansky.Piano) and Miami (Andrew Larson.Cello). Led by Composer Prof. Goo Boncheol ( KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology . Corea) to create a live event which will be seen by the local audience in Nantou and the internet audience (live streaming).

During the 38th APAN meeting in Nantou Taiwan, three continents networked music and dance performance, will join artists and engineers located across the world together in real time. The event begins simultaneously on Tuesday 12 August, 2014 at 08:30 UTC/GMT.

That translates to: 11:30 DST Prague(CZ), 11:30 DST Barcelona(ES), 5:30 DST Miami(US), and 17:30 UTC/GMT Nantou(TW).

This event is produced by the Internet2 Arts & Humanities Group and the APAN eCulture WG and organized by KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology(KR) in collaboration with the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU) and CESNET association of Prague(CZ), the Konic Thtr and i2CAT Foundation of Barcelona(ES), New World Symphony in Miami(US), and Seediq Bale and Academia Sinica Grids & Clouds(ASGC) in Nantou(TW).

The distributed dance that Kònic creates for the APAN project, will also be a point of encounter between Vivian Fritz, expert in dance and new media fro the University of Strasbourg (UFR des Arts danse) and telecomunications engineers from the Audiovisual Unit at I2CAT, who will meet in Barcelona thanks to the European project Visionair with a trans national action (TNA).

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