ECOSS is an international journey that explores the connections between digital networks and the performing arts, with the aim of becoming an engine for creative innovation and contemporary thought.

Interactive and Networked

Kòniclab organizes the Third Digital Stage on October, 5th at Fabra i Coats (Creation Factory) in Barcelona, in connection with Strasbourg and Santiago of Chile.

Interactive stage

Second edition of the Digital Stage Festival. Digital stage is a space for reflection about the performing arts and the possibilities offered by the use of new technologies.

Interactive stage

The ‘Digital Stage Workshop’ is a space for reflection on the future of the performing arts and new stages generated by the use of new technologies.

Eu research project

2012-2015. I AM is an international project led by The Municipality of Alghero (Sardinia, Italy) in the framework of the European ENPI CBC MED

Eu research project

Viset is a project selected in the Creative Europe – Culture program. The project aims to promote the creation of a space for dialogue between technology and the performing arts.

Networked Performance

Kònic Thtr actively participates in transnational R+D projects to facilitate the flow and exchange of knowledge, exploring the renewal of contemporary creation mediated by high speed networks.

Interactive stage

A wireless electronic sensor device, which we developed in Kònic, to realize motion recognition.

Escena interactiva

If you are interested in some fomer projects that are not on this site, you can find some information about works (starting 1992) on the former version of our website.