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Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann develop an intensive training activity in the field of contemporary creation and new technologies.

In the framework of Kòniclab they organize laboratories and run workshops about interactive and telematic stage aimed at dancers, visual artists, musicians, performers, computer programmers, electronics specialists, architects, theorists, and those professionals looking to expand their knowledge around the multimedia tools creation. They have also been teaching in various masters and postgraduate courses offered in Cataluña, Spain and international Universities.

In the laboratories and workshops of Kòniclab we explore languages and techniques of real-time systems applied to the performing and visual arts. The focus of the training is to encourage artistic creativity with digital tools, and is based on practical exercises. Specially adressed to a younger audience of students and young professionals from various sectors such as performing arts (dance, music, theater), visual arts, computers, design etc.
The workshops have variable durations and are based on the practice in small groups using the tools provided by Kònic thtr.

Currently the areas of training are:

•    Augmented Stage: The interaction of the body on stage with digital image and sound. Sensors and cameras for the creation of responsive environments. Allows participants to acquire theoretical knowledge about real time interactions. An introduction to the concepts the software most used in this field. Participants are divided into groups for practical exercises. Depending on the duration of the workshop, this will end with the presentation of projects with audience.
Audience: Dancers, Musicians, computer programmers, electronics engineers, visual artists and related.
Keywords: sensors, camera tracking on stage, interacting body / image / sound.

• Telematics / distributed Stage: An introduction to the possibilities of live co-creation from distributed spaces. Internet allows us to explore new ways of understanding the stage. An introduction to the composition in network with broadcast video images in real time as a nexus for the creation of two performance spaces. Study of the possibilities and limitations of the available tools.
Audience: Dancers, musicians, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, computer programmers, video makers.
Keywords: Telematics, distributed scene, streaming, telepresence.

•    Virtual Sets: Using the technique of video mapping on stage for the generation of unique sets by projecting moving images onto non conventional elements. Allows participants to learn basic theoretical knowledge about the Video Mapping. An introduction to the concepts of 2D and 3D Mapping, the technical elements and software used in this field. Participants are divided into groups for practical exercises. Acquiring knowledge from the practice of small scale videomapping. Depending on the duration of the workshop, this will end with a project presentation.
Audience: Stage designers, stage directors, visual artists, filmmakers video.
Keywords: Video Mapping, architectural mapping, virtual scenery.

The workshops we offer are mainly practical and can last from short one or two days sessions (4 h) to full length workshop ending with a final public presentation (usually between 7-10 days).

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Link to some workshops we have taught:

Based on the show #14Skyline:
Mexico (2018): Festival #N. Adaptation of fragments of the show # 14Skyline for the Digital Culture Center of Mexico City, in collaboration with international artists, in a 15 days residency within the framework of #LabCet
Bogotá (2018): Festival Videomovimiento. Presentation of the show #14Skyline as the result of a 5-day workshop with a team of 15 people composed of performers, dancers and videographers. Workshop and presentation in the ‘Aula Máxima’ at the Tadeo Lozano University.

Masters and Courses in which Kònic has participated:
> Master in Music. Polytechnic University of Valencia. (Valencia) 2012-2014
> Graduate ‘Digital Technologies for the Stage. University Pompeu Fabra / Idec Barcelona. (Cataluña) 2010-2011
> Master in Multimedia Creation and Design (MCDEM). La Salle, University Ramon Llull, Barcelona (Cataluña). 2010
> Master in Contemporary Arts Practice and Dissemination. Dartington College of Arts (UK) / Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (Netherlands) / Dailes Akademija Vilnius, Vilnius (Lithuania) / MASKA – Nova Gorica University (Slovenia) Creation Centre L’animal a l’esquena – University of Girona (Catalonia). 2009
> Master in Performing Arts. Fac. Bellas Artes. Universidad del País Vasco-Bilbao 2008
>Mappa – Performing Arts; Media and Communication Systems. Bilgi University. Istanbul (Turkey) 2008
>Summer Course. Faculty of Fine Arts. Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2008 – 2007 (Spain)
>Master of Theatre and Dance Studies, DasArts, Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance Studies Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2006
>Graduate in Video Art Aplicacions to the Arts and preformances Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) (Cataluña) 2006-2005
> Master in Architecture, Art and ephemeral space, Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona / Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – (Cataluña) 2006-2005
> Master in Design of Multimedia interfaces (Elisava- UPF) – (Cataluña) 2004
> Master in Design and Public Space (Elisava-UPF) Interactivity and social space. (Cataluña) 2004-2002
> Electronic Arts and Digital Design (ESDI-URL) – Sabadell (Cataluña) 2006-2002