Interactive and Networked


#12::SKYLINE:: (2017-2018) is a Site Specific Project created by Kònic Thtr specifically for each exhibition stage. It belongs to Espai No Táctil, a creation, research and exhibition project that Kònic Thtr will develop over 2017 and 2018.

Kònic Thtr aim to bring a specific, original, and creative show through a creative and playful experience.  #12::SKYLINE:: is an installation-concert-art-new technology-performance, working with the intimacy, proximity and accessibility of the audience.


Interactive dance-concert performance.

#12::SKYLINE:: is inspired by the hyperboloid surfaces used by Gaudí, we will raise a vortex composed of three curved projection  superficies for video and light. These superficies will also define an architectural space with an inside and an outside, distinguishing two areas of action for dance, performance, and sound.

Inside, interactive actions of the performers and/or the audience invited to participate. The actions will translate into images and sounds to be projected to the outside of the module. The performers will be evolving around the module and throughout the space, creating an intimate audiovisual dialogue between outside and inside, in proximity to the audience.


#12::SKYLINE::  is an experience where architecture becomes a necessary link between the artificial and the natural, and which can restore the harmony between City and Nature. Sometimes, in cities we forget that we are part of nature, if we lose the City-Nature nexus/ link we unbalance individually and collectively, our body experiences psychological dysfunctions, motor, and perceptual difficulties.


#12::SKYLINE:: explores the tactile perception and the lack of it. A body / tactile / physical space and a mental / psychological / virtual space.


The audience will attend to an interactive dance-concert that will be performed live. You will see a show from different points of view, sharing with artists these moments in which time and space will lose their meaning.

An intertwined flow of movements, music and images produced in a Non-Tactile Space. A danced encounter of different characters that will never be able to touch each other, but they can communicate at the distance. Music and live visuals complete the staging.

“Originality consists of returning to the origin. It is original that, with its own means, returns to the simplicity of the first solutions” [A. Gaudí]

“The architect only finds support in reality, unlike the poet, who can build a world based on words” [A. Gaudí]


Espai NO Tàctil is supported by different international structures, with artistic residences and workshops. The main important institutions are: Fabra i Coats de Barcelona, Shadok, Fabrique du Numérique and Strasburg University (France), Park Theatre d’Eindhoven (Holand), TNC2017 y Brucknerhaus de Linz (Austria), NPAPWS2017, Copenhaguen (Dinamarca), Smart City.UNESCO and the 23 International Art Video Festival in Casablanca (Morocco).

Video of the show_