Networked Performance

NEAR IN THE DISTANCE Linz – Barcelona – Praga – Roma – Mumbai – Hailuoto

For this third edition of Near in the Distance Kònic Thtr will be connected from the Poblenou Campus of University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona with the Brucknerhaus Theatre in Linz to offer the audience a unique real-time production and where the public will experience an interactive collage, of images from dancers Anna Hierro in Barcelona and Dominik Grunbuhel in Linz.

A networked live music and dance performance taking place between various locations around the world -Linz, Barcelona, Rome, Mumbai, Hailuoto and Prague-. Musicians, dancers and visual artists, interact in real time using advanced high speed transmission technologies for audio and video.

‘Near in the distance 3’ is a organized by ACOnet in Linz within TNC17- The Networking Conference . Kònic Thtr leads the choreographic part of the show from Barcelona and in collaboration with other renowned artists such as musician and composer Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister live in Linz, with the participation of dancers Dominik Grünbühel and Ana Hiero and musicians from other cities.

‘Near in the distance 3’ has the support of theCSUC (Consortium Services of University of Catalunya) and the University Pompeu fabra in Barcelona and is organized by ACOnet in Linz (the Austrian science and research network) in cooperation with Mdw-Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts.

Date: June 1st 2017
Hour: 20:30
Place: Brucknerhaus Linz | Mittlerer Saal (Linz) – Campus Poblenou |UPF (Barcelona) + other places

Documentation of the process in Barcelona

More information about the project: Near in the distance 3

The previous version of the project can be seen here: Near in the distance II

Musical director:

Rupert Huber

Live Sound Composition:

Tosca - Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister

Visual Concept in Linz:

Resa Lut

Choreography and dance Linz:

Dominik Grünbühel


\\Barcelona Node//:

Net dance Barcelona ⇆ Linz:

Kònic thtr

Choreography, concept dance, live-visual concept:

Rosa Sánchez

Software programming & live visual composition:

Alain Baumann

Dancer Barcelona:

Anna Hierro

Technical Direction Barcelona node:

Alain Baumann

Camera & video Barcelona node:

Adolf Alcañiz

Coordination Assistant Barcelona node:

Marta Gort

Communications Manager Barcelona node:

Maria Isabel Gandía (CSUC)

Marketing Coordinator Barcelona node:

Teresa Vila (CSUC)

Coordination (UPF. Barcelona):

Marc Vives

Audiovisuals suport (UPF. Barcelona):

Jordi Martí

Global Concept, Project Management:

Renate Kreil


ACOnet. Viena

IT Systems Coordinator:

Hermann Rothe (ACOnet. Viena)

Co-Production Barcelona node: