Interactive and Networked

ESPAI NO TÀCTIL. Distributed stage (2017 – 2018)

ESPAI NO TÀCTIL (Non Tactile Space) is a transdisciplinary project that proposes a show that makes use of network and streaming technologies.

A research, development and creation process that will be shared with the audience in the city of Barcelona, simultaneously with audiences in other countries and cities.

The Show_

With a variable site-specific configuration, based on the creative contents exploring the idea of a non-tactile space.

Espai No Tàctil will be presented in the form of a distributed performance, understood as the confluence of performers and creators in an asynchronous way in various spaces, connected in real time via the net, and developing in real time a unique show.

A show that is co-created for audiences at a distance, amplifying the idea of ‘non tactile’. Under the generic umbrella of the project Espai No Tàctil, presentations will have different titles, in agreement with the international co-creating partners.

In the stage project ‘Espai NO Tàctil’ for 2017, Barcelona and several cities will connect to compose a specular and diverse show that will change each time it is presented. The audience in each city will witness the encounter of the dance over the network taking place in real time, sharing in the distance those moments in which time and space lose their significance.

The concept_

A stage project with variable configuration and site specific

A fluid entanglement of movements, music and images that are produced in a non-tactile space. A danced encounter of characters that will never be able to touch each other, but will communicate from the distance. Live music and images add to the performance.

A body / tactile space, and a mental / psychological space.
The definition of these two spaces in the shape of a stage set / installation:
– Tactual space (neurophysiological)
– Absence / Unbalance -> another space (virtual)

In Espai NO Tàctil we will put the emphasis on the exploration of tactile perception and the absence of it.

Espai NO Tàctil #12::SKYLINE:: (2017 to 2018) _

#12::SKYLINE:: (2017-2018) is a Site Specific Project created by Kònic Thtr specifically for each exhibition stage. It belongs to Espai No Táctil, a creation, research and exhibition project that Kònic Thtr will develop over 2017 and 2018. Kònic Thtr aim to bring a specific, original, and creative show through a creative and playful experience.  #12::SKYLINE:: is an installation-concert-art-new technology-performance, working with the intimacy, proximity and accessibility of the audience.

Read more about #12::SKYLINE:: (2017 to 2018)

Agenda 2017 -2016  _ Espai NO Tàctil


Background: In 2016 we showed a peformance custom-made for the Best of The Fest Dance Festival in Eindhoven, Netherland. The show was putting in communication in real time two characters situated in two distant cities: Barcelona and Eindhoven. The show was presented simultaneously to audiences in both cities. More info about The Things…

January 6 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil/Tus Fronteras Mis Fronteras. FIC/Barcelona- Santiago of Chile
Networked performance. Connected Cities : Barcelona-Santiago of Chile – Strasbourg

April 3 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil/Similarities. MACBA/Barcelona – Copenhagen. Denmark
Networked performance. Connected Cities: Barcelona – Copenhagen – Prague – Miami
More info about Similarities.

April 29 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil. Casablanca. Morroco
Site Specific Performance for the participation of Kònic Thtr at the International Video Art Festival of Casablanca. Morocco

May 19 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil. Casablanca. Morroco
Site Specific Performance for the participation of Kònic Thtr the International Smart Cities/UNESCO Congress. Casablanca. Morocco

June 1 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil/Near in The Distance 3. Campus Poblenou. UPF/Barcelona – Linz. Austria
“performing arts over advanced networks”. TNC17 conference on The Art of Creative Networking – Linz. Austria
Networked performance. Connected Cities: Barcelona – Linz – Prague – Rome – Hailuoto – Mumbai
More info about Near in the Distance3.

June 9 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil/Tus Fronteras Mis Fronteras. Strasbourg. France
Training Laboratory and Networked performance. Connected Cities: Strasbourg-Barcelona-Santiago of Chile.

October 5 2017 – Espai NO Tàctil. 3rd Jornades Escena Digital. Barcelona
Presentation of the Espai NO Tàctil open device and on Networked performance. Connected cities : Barcelona-Santiago of Chile – Strasbourg
More info about the Third Digital Stage 2017.

November 9 17 – Espai NO Tàctil. Festival INFLUX [ video on stage ]. Barcelona. Spain
More info about the show.


Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació. Barcelona

Shadok, Fabrique du Numérique /Geodanse. Strasbourg. France


Reference to other networked /distributed performances realised by Kònic Thtr/lab: See other networked projects by Kònic Thtr

Concepte i Direcció escènica:

Rosa Sanchez

Direcció tecnològica i Composició musical:

Alain Baumann


Rosa Sánchez
Victoria Macarte
Anna Hierro

Música i visuals en directe:

Alain Baumann


Adolf Alcañiz
Rosa Sánchez

Elements Escenogràfics:

Amir Gazit


Llorenç Parra


Marta Gort



Projecte en residència a:

Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació. Ajuntament de Barcelona