Escena interactiva

Inteligencias Múltiples In_Exo_Corporea

Inteligencias Múltiples In_Exo_Corporea fuses dance, science, technology and society into a non conventional format.

It examines the relationship between the human and the non-human and seeks to reflect upon the hierarchy humankind imposes upon other species.

Exploring inter-species relationships at both a micro and a macro level, the place where the structuring of the hierarchies between living, dynamic organisms takes place, inside and outside of our body.

The stage is a smart device that simultaneously combines a variety of media: image, sound, light… all of which become visible or audible due to the active participation of the performers.
An integrated interactive sound and 3D visual system, for a sensitive, participative eco-techno-staging.
The body as part of the landscape, and the landscape as part of the body. The body in action, dance interrelated with the performance’s bio-techno-devices, take us on a dramatic and choreographic journey, an in-exo-corporeal narrative that ranges from microscopic introspection inside the human body, embracing its cells and the other entities living within it, to an outside viewpoint showing the body immersed within the landscape.

Choreo-dramaturgy and stage direction :

Rosa Sánchez


Alain Baumann

Choreographic advice :

Raquel Gualtero

Performers – dance :

Raquel Gualtero, Maria Ganzaráin, Mila Ercoli, Rosa Sánchez, Alain Baumann

Technological direction – interactive software development :

Alain Baumann

Photography and video teaser :

Mila Ercoli

Lighting design :

Marc Lleixà

Set elements and technical direction :

María de Frutos

Costume :

Laura García Martos

Technical Assistance :

Gerard Valls

Biotechnology Advice :

Aroa Ejarque. Laboratoris CESAR – ETOPIA

Immersive Audio Consultancy :

Santiago Latorre. AudioLab – ETOPIA

INTERACTIVE 3D ENVIRONMENT Concept and direction:

Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann

Development, Lead Game design & programmer :

Alex Martínez Casala

Artistic design :

Alan Martínez Mata