Networked Performance



BRUMA / NET is an audio-visual poem, which is created live and can be seen by the audience online and live in front of festival audiences.
A networked performance where different disciplines are combined; dance, music, photography, video and literature. The video-poem will be created by artists who are connected from different places to compose in a shared digital space.


BRUMA / NET is a project that the intermedia dance company Kònic thtr designed and produced from their home in Barcelona, during the lockdown caused by COVID19 health emergency.

During the exceptional situation of isolation, Kònic’s Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann put at the service of the international artistic community their knowledge, technological tools and the infrastructure available at their domestic space.

Currently, the different editions of the project have over 30 participating artists from Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, Bolivia, Bogota, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.


This artistic composition proposes different formats for the audience:

El Live Stream:

Ethe audience can watch the performance live on internet, as it is been created by the artists. How? On the Facebook page Xanela.Tecnoescena.

The hybrid format (virtual-real): :

One or more of the performers/musicians of BRUMA / NET are performing live in front of an audience. The public can watch the action live, and see the other performers through videocomposition projected on stage. The resulting performance is also live-streamed online.

The video-poem of the networked performance is recorded and stays available to the audience on Facebook Xanela.Tecnoescena

BRUMA / NET, hosted by Xanela.Tecnoescena – a platform created specifically by Kònic thtr to promote networked performance -, wishes to occupy the digital space with the live production of video-poems; audio-visual pieces that are recorded with the energy and thrill of the ‘live’. Aiming to create new cultural content and ensure its access to all audience through the web.


 2020: Tele-distributed performance BRUMA/NET by Kònic Thtr & international Guests #fromourhome.
Video-performance series created every Thursday during the lockdown due to COVID19.
Live connection #fromourhome in Barcelona, in connection with artist from their homes in Germany, Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Equator, Mexico and the US.
 April 22nd. Earth Day Art Model International online Festival. Philadelphia (EU)
 April 26th and May 23rd. NowNet Online Performance Series. NY (EU)
 April 29th. DID, International Dance Day. Xanela.Tecnoescna online. Barcelona
 May 23rd. International UFBA Virtual Congress. Salvador de Bahia. Brazil
 May 29th. Closure of the Online Dance Festival . CDMX. Mexico
 June 11th . Opening of the MEF online Festival . Dance and Cinema. Posadas. Argentina
 June 18ht . Conversation / Conference / Debate, UNLP. National University La Plata. La Plata. Argentina
 August 2nd-8th . Artistic residence “New online stage formats in the COVID19 era”. Agosto Digital. CCE Córdoba. Argentina
 August 6th . Opening of Agosto Digital. CCE Córdoba. Argentina
 September25th . Opening of the Mercurio Festival. Spazio Franco and Tavola Tonda. Palerm. Italy
 October 21st. Oart of the project “The denial of distance” by the Musse DC company. Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City (online) and in streaming Kònic thtr from Fabra i Coats (Barcelona), with Mexico City and Seattle (EUA).
 octubre 24th . Masterclass. Plataforma Vía Láctea Para Las Artes Vivas. Cochabamba. Bolivia