Escena telemàtica


Description_ In this piece the visitors can tele-explore, observe and care for a small patch of living plant from a distance, using a camera connected to the internet.

Drawing strokes that the camera will follow at a distance. Routes that are chosen for each exploration to discover small secrets kept in this vegetal universe situated in the artist’s studio at the Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory in Barcelona.

There, Konic will be in charge of caring these plants in an open and shared process with the net-interacting public. Technology allows human beings to build an increasingly complete and defined vision of the nature surrounding us. The microscopic view, night vision, the possibility to ‘see’ sound or heat; do they bring us closer or alienate us from our environment?





Kònic > an artistic platform based in Barcelona dedicated to contemporary creation at the confluence of art and new technologies. Their activity is focused on the use of interactive and telematic technology applied to artistic projects. Their proposals have been shown in more than 40 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Rosa Sánchez > Visual artist, performer and choreographer. Artistic directress and founder of the project at the 1986.

Software development: Alain Baumann

Server development: Pedro Vilchez

Element construction: María de Frutos

Camera Scanner construction: ene_ene Collective

With the collaboration of: Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory, ICUB, Barcelona City Council, XRCB_Community Radio Network of Catalonia.  


Schedule 2021:

From March, 18th  to May, 30th 2021: Exhibition of ECOSS, Ecosystems of the unexpected 2021, at the Arts Santa Mònica center (Barcelona).