Interactive stage


#01BRUMA is a performative concert of plants and post-humans, that develops from acoustic and visual signals, registered live from a plant set, monitored and connected to an interactive device made by kòniclab for this action.

The conceptual reference explores the impact of the technosphere upon the biosphere with the objective of articulating a hybrid system of sensored-nature in which the organic part consists of plant elements that create a captured environment sensored digitaly.

The electronic part will allow us to interact with the visual and acoustic device from the values shown by different environment sensors: light, humidity, temperature, soil humidity.

The interactive development of this piece was made under the activity of a Research, Development and technology Innovation lab of Kòniclab with the collaboration of the ENE_ENE Collective.

We’ve inflicted changes to the Earth of such magnitude that there’s no possible action to revert these changes. We have to learn to live in a new environment, in which we possibly won’t be able to do so without the support of technological progress. In this new configuration, we propose to creat a space where we disperse the clouds that represent such changes, blowing them away like a father or a mother would do to the injury of a child, which won’t heal due to that small action, but will alliviate both of them for a moment.

This project was realized during Kòniclab’s artistic residency at Fabra i Coats, Fabrica de creación.

EXCERPTS OF BRUMA, presented during the Flux Festival. 10/12/2019. Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona

October 5, 2019: Live performance as part of Seismes, a party made for Fabra i Coats’ residents. Barcelona.

October 16, 2019: Within the second edition of the ‘ECOSS – ecosystems of the unexpected’ Festival. Fabra i Coats. Barcelona.

November 30, 2019: Performance at the Fàbrica en Obert Fàbrica de Creació of Fabra i Coats.

December 10, 2019: Flux Festival ARTS SANTA MÒNICA Barcelona.

Concept, Scene-Choreography Director::

Rosa Sánchez

Music Composition::

Alain Baumann


Rosa Sánchez, Viktória Köhalmi, Alain Baumann


María de Frutos

Development of the Camera's Robotic Device::

Andrés Costa i Citlali Hernández (Col.lectiu ENE_ENE)

Technological Direction, interactives and electronics development::

Alain Baumann


Francesc Benages