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iXKa wireless sensor 2007-2009

The iXKa electronics stems from the need create a system for the recognition of sequences of movement through a wireless electronic device that captures physical data.

This research has been developed in the context of R+D+i workshops conducted by Kònic thtr, whose main aim has been the search of new languages for contemporary dance in confluence with interactive communication technologies for the stage.

iXKa was developed as a technological tool to increase the communicative and expressive skills of the human body on stage. As a result of the investigations of Kònic thtr in interactive languages, the electronic device called iXKa was made available to the artistic community and used by several groups through our investigation programs and workshops.



The device, a system of wireless sensors designed to capture real time motion of dancers on stage, has evolved over several workshops and two years of development, in Torino, Galicia and Barcelona and we have used it in different stages of its development, in our shows ‘CherryBone’ and ‘A[d’Aigua ]’.

iXKa is compatible with the software Max/MSP and in both shows we have combined the device with a software of pattern recognition and following developed at the IRCAM by Frédéric Bevilacqua and his team.

Workshops in which iXKa was used and further developed:

2007-2008 Escena Augmentada Workshops (Barcelona and Galícia, Spain)

2008 A d’Acqua-The Augmented Stage Torino, (international selection of Kònic Thtr for the project Officine Sintetiche, Torino (Italy)

2009 Nut teatro Lab (Galicia, Spain)

The activity of these laboratories was focused on the design and development of computational and electronic systems to enhance the human body’s expressive possibilities during the performance through the creation of new audiovisual dramaturgies generated in real time by the performers on stage. Kònic thtr has used these devices in their two shows: CherryBone (2008) and A[d’Aigua] (2009)

A (d’aigua) extracts on Youtube


Officine Sintetiche


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