Networked Performance

EVD58 Embodied in Varios Darmstadt’ 58 · 2013

EVD58 is a networked dance piece, taking place simultaneously in 3 distant countries, Brazil, Spain and Mexico, with performers interacting in real time via advanced internet connection. The audience is present in the different locations where the action takes place or can remotely access the piece via streaming over internet.

Embodied evd58 is also a research laboratory in which three artístic and technologic teams collaborate and work in coordination to create the event.

The artists who participate in the Project have a long history in the field of dance mediated by new technologies.

Node Barcelona: Kònic thtr. Kònic Thtr collaborates since 2009 with partners through broadband internet, bringing their expertise in projects that hybridize live events and new media to produce artistic and training projects and actively contribute to the exchange and flow between artists and technologists.

Node Mexico: Translab. Translab is a platform for the experimentation in performing arts and technology. An interdisciplinary laboratory developing its activities in the ‘Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes’, Mexico.

Node Brasil: Poetic Technology. Led by Ivani Santana and dedicated to the academic research and the artistic creation in the articulation of Art – Science – Technology, developing telematics projects, as well as immersive and interactive works and studies about cognition.


EVD58 embodied is also an interactive dance piece in which the bodies in motion write the sound scores, multiplied in dis-located actions that are flowing from one node to the other, from one country, one body, one sound, to another. Creating a specific semantic, a common topology, a new space of encounter for the performers coming from different countries, languages and cultures.

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Concept and General Direction::

Ivani Santana


Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann - Node Barcelona Rebeca Sánchez and Minerva Hernández - Node Mexico Ivani Santana – Node Brazil

Choreography / Stage Direction::

Rosa Sánchez. Node Barcelona Ivani Santana. Node Brazil Alicia Sánchez. Node Mexico


Victoria Macarte - Barcelona Ivani Santana - Brazil Carlos Martínez - Mexico

Music and interactive applications::

Luiz Naveda · Music composition Brazil / interactive software EVD58 Alain Baumann · Music composition / interactive applications Barcelona Antonio Isaac Gómez · Music composition Mexico


Rosa Sánchez and Adolf Alcañiz - Barcelona Minerva Hernández – Mexico

Network Technical Support::

Gerard Castillo - i2Cat Barcelona Italo Valcy - Brazil Alicia Esponda and Faustino Calixto Álvarez – Mexico

Management and production::

Jacson do Espírito Santo - General Management Marta Gort - Barcelona Rebeca Sánchez - Executive Producer Mexico


Kònic thtr / Koniclab (Barcelona) Support to Iberoamerican production. Iberescena 2013

With the collaboration of::

Foundation i2Cat Creation factory Fabra and Coats UNAM. Mexico RNP. Brazil UFB. Brazil SECULT. State of Bahia. Brazil

Supported by::

ICUB. Barcelona City Council Department of Culture. Generalitat de Catalunya. Specifi, European Commission (smart Platforms Enabling the creative industries for the Future Internet). Translab. Multimedia Centre. CENART. Mexico.