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Skyline is a site specific project, result of the converging of PERFORMANCE, DANCE, MUSIC, AUDIOVISUALS, SCULPTURE AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES designed by Kònic Lab for the interactions between body- sound – visuals.


A live visual and music concert designed for conventional stages with frontal view from the (seated) audience , in which a dancer will interact with the various elements of the set and perform a danced poetry ritual. A flowing entanglement of movements, music and live images.


In Skyline, Kònic Thtr is taking a critical view at the new techniques of power, which open the doors to the sphere of the psyche and by so achieve that men and women surrender by their own will to the structure of domination.
In this system, akin to a digital Big Brother, a kind of inverted panopticon is deployed in which individuals lend themselves to be observed and confined within their own personal self-conceptions.
Skyline explores this concept of psychopolitics with the strength and fragility of poetry, and by means of music, live visuals, dance, performance and sculpture.


A sculptural element for the projection of light and images is raised in the performing space. It conforms the architecture of the piece, a translucent wall defining two separated areas for the action, a space ready to explore the binomials natural/artificial, individual/society, psychological/physiological that will give meaning to the performance, the poetry, the dance and music.

NUCLEUS SPACE: A sculpture defines an interior, emotional or psychological space. The separation between interior and exterior is a projection superficies. The inner area becomes an interaction space through the sensing of camera and sensors.

TACTILE SPACE: The performing space that contains the architectonic sculpture. The video cameras conform an installation, a space for the action and for the connection between the inside and outside world.

During the performance, the music, poetry and dance evolve around the architectural element, creating an intimate dialog between exterior and interior.

Dramaturgy and technology_

Skyline is a danced encounter of persons who will not be able to touch each other but will communicate from the distance with the mediation of communication technologies. A networked and crossed narrative that evolves through the body and the various technological devices that Kòniclab has developed for the piece.

Small wireless cameras for the graphics and sound interaction, represent the more corporeal /somatic part of the individuals; Motors that react to movement to generate music through the flow of air and represent the psychological and emotional part; a Mobile phone transmits live images that are microprojected, all creating visual poems with relational semantics, putting in connection the characters and the audience.

Agenda 2019 _ #14SKYLINE

5 JULY : Cervantes Institute. Centro Cultural d’España, Beijing. Concert-Performance. Site Specific
9 JULY: Cultural Centre.Cervantes Institute. Shanghai. Concert-Performance. Site Specific

Agenda 2018 -2017 _ #14SKYLINE 

Agenda 2018 _ #14SKYLINE

29 APRIL : International Festival MIXTUR. FIC. Barcelona. Spain

8 JUNE : Festival Internacional Vila-real en Dansa. Vila-Real. Spain

10 JULY : IFTR. Belgrade. Serbia

7 SEPTEMBER : 4th ‘Jornadas Escena Digital’. Barcelona. Spain

28 Septiembre 2018: International Festival 15 FIVM2018 Bogota. Colombia

20 OCTOBER : Festival IDN+ / Mercat de les Flors.Extended version. Barcelona.

14 – 15 Dec 2018: International Festival N 2018..Centro de Cultura DIgital. Mexico City.


21-28 Sept. : XV International Festival VIDEOMOVIMIENTO / Muestra de Cuerpo Multimedia. Bogota and Barranquilla. Colombia. Research, Training, Creation and Exhibition Residency. #14 SKYLINE  with the participation of a group of multidisciplinary young artists from Colombia, invited to participate in this experience directed by Kònic.

03 – 15 Dec. : International Festival N 2018. Mexico City – Project in residence of Training, creation and exhibition –

Jan. Dec. 2018 : FÀBRICA DE CREACIÓ FABRA I COATS. City of Barcelona. Barcelona. Whole Year Residency for research, training, creation and exhibition.

Agenda 2017 _ #14SKYLINE

5 NOVEMBER : INFLUX Festival Vídeo a escena. Antic Teatre. Barcelona

Excerpts of the show_

Choreography / Stage direction:

Rosa Sánchez


Rosa Sánchez

Live music and visuals:

Alain Baumann


Rosa Sánchez and Adolf Alcañiz



Rosa Sánchez


Adolf Alcañiz and Amir Gazit

Coordination and Communication:

Ana Candela