‘ECOSS’ continues at laBonne!

The second edition of the ‘ECOSS – ecosystems of the unexpected’ Festival continues its activities in the Center of Women’s Culture Francesca Bonnemaison, during october 24 and 25. The festival’s closure will be along the last activity, during the night of friday 25 .


Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix, 7 (Barcelona)


Workshops of Bio.Trans.Lab. of queer ecologies: gender, sexuality and environment.

Come and learn of feminist biohacking with Paula Pin, in these two practical modules of home made biology and ginecology. In the first module we’ll learn to make a microscope out of a webcam. The second module will consist of analysing bacteria cultures and running self-analysis on our own body.


Module #1_ October 24. De 17:00 a 20:00.

Module #2_ October 25. De 17:00 a 20:00.

Free activities

Performative Lecture:Weaving Identity Networks in Traffic # 1
October 24. From 8 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.

A double session, with Laura Benítez and Helen Torres as docents. We’ll be introduced to the concepts that Donna Haraway explains in her works, specially in the last one (“Staying with the trouble”). We’ll also learn about the intersections between evolutive biology and artistic practices.

Debate. Weaving Identity Networks in Traffic # 2. Gender and intermedia art: on the second skin.

October 24. From 8 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.

A debate on three sides, with Anna Carreras, Anastasia Pistofidou and Irene Vicente as participants and with Lis Costa as moderator. They will argue about image, about the representation of women’s body in media, the relationship between the digital and about the fashion industry and the biotextile alternatives.

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