Performance - Concert

‘Poètiques interconnectades’ multi-disciplinary meeting · 2010

This interactive poetry reading with real time video transmission between various spaces, as an audiovisual mosaic, combines simultaneous performances of poets, artists and musicians, performed in various spaces.

This is a unique show of shared creation between musicians, poets and the proposal of dance and interactive audiovisual by Kònic Thtr. A meeting of the languages of dance, poetry, music, performance and audiovisual. These are added together to form one, where each particular poetic diffuses and combines with the other to reveal a new reality created on the basis of exchange between the different languages.

Kònic Thtr has designed an interactive performance space, in which converge the phonetic poetry and bell music by Llorenç Barber, Miquel Àngel Marín’s sound actions, the art of introspection by Roser Bover, the powerful words of Roger Costa-Pau, Montserrat Palacios’ virtuous singing, the dance of Carme Torrent and live audiovisual by Adolf Alcañiz. Alain Baumann adds live music and Rosa Sánchez performative action, and Ester Xargay collaborates with video action and live video transmission.


This event is commissioned to Kònic Thtr by the Barcelona Poetry Week –Barcelona Poesia- for its 2010 edition. Where Kònic Thtr acts as a physical and virtual link that unify the various artistic contributions scattered in different locations of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona (Spain).

External links:

Video of the rehearsal:

Concept and Artistic Direction:

Rosa Sánchez

Technological leadership and Interactive soundscape:

Alain Baumann

Interpreters and participating authors:

Llorenç Barber: phonetic poet, singer and musician
Roser Bover: artist
Roger Costa-Pau: poet
Alain Baumann: live music
Rosa Sánchez: performance
Miquel Àngel Marín: musician and poet
Montserrat Palacios: singer and ethnomusicologist
Carme Torrent: dance
Adolf Alcañiz:conduct live video
Ester Xargay: video-action
Sachiko Fullita: assistant director
Pedro Lorente: streaming coordinator


Adolf Alcañiz and Rosa Sánchez

Programming software:

Alain Baumann

Coordination and communication Kònic thtr:

Toni Subirà


Kònic Thtr
Associació Kòniclab


Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona)
Les Golfes de Can Fabra Factoria d’Arts Escèniques (Barcelona)
Fundació i2cat


Institut de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona – Barcelona Poesia
Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts