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NEAR IN THE DISTANCE 2 Vienna – Barcelona – Prague – NY – Judenburg · 2015

ACOnet celebrates with a networked performance between Vienna – Barcelona – Prague – NY – Judenburg, the 25th anniversary of Internet in Austria and the 650 anniversary of the University of Vienna.


“Near in the Distance 2” is an audiovisual networked and interactive show where musicians, dancers and visual artists, are in different locations around the globe -Barcelona, Vienna, London, New York, Berlin and Linz- and they combine to represent in a virtual way and in real time, a unique production.

The central headquarters of the event is the Hall G MuseumQuartier in Vienna, where some of the musicians and a dancer are performing live. The video of a dancer is relayed live from “capella MACBA” in Barcelona; and the sound is generated by musicians in Vienna, Prague, New York and Judenburg. In this way, the audience experiences an “interactive collage” which merges time and space, and fills the stage with a networked performance of dance and music executed in harmony from different locations across the world, with the high speed network technology as engine.

Regardless of geography and whether artists communicate using an instrument or the body itself, the greatest challenge of this production is to synchronize the latency that occurs in the image and sound with distances between locations, using high speed networks and advanced streaming software.

In Barcelona, the transmission is made from “capella MACBA” in collaboration with the CSUC and i2cat foundation.

Kònic, participated with a choreography for the screen between Barcelona and Viena.  Participating with other renowned artists such as the musician and composer Rupert Huber, dancers Dominik Grünbühel and Victoria Macarte, and musicians Richard Dorfmeister, Antye Greie-Ripatti aka AGF, Chris Eckmann and Brian Losch.

“Near in the Distance 2” is a production of ACOnet -in cooperation with the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (mdw); and is made possible by academic and research networks in Catalonia (Anella Scientific, managed by the CSUC), Spain (RedIRIS) paneuropean (GÉANT), Austrian (ACOnet), Slovenia (ARNES) and Czech Republic (CESNET); and various cultural institutions.

Date: 25th June 2015
Hour: 20:00
Place: Hall G, MuseumsQuartier (Vienna) – Capella MACBA (Barcelona)
+ info: Near in the Distance II

Documentation of Near in the Distance 2 in Vienna
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