Escena interactiva

CherryBone. Shows multiple viewpoints related to alimentation and the body 2007

4 Scenes and 4 different approaches about alimentation. With various choreographic, technologic, visual and sound treatments. The four scenes of Cherry Bone are articulated in concentric circles around a central thematic core that works as a nourishing mechanism. The human body faces this thematic in a double perspective: on one side in relation with the action of eating and the different cultural ways of eating; on the other side in relation to the mechanism of nutrition and its dysfunctions.


Three interpreters (a dancer, a performer and a musician) will lead the audience through different situations around the thematic, wearing several kind of sensors that will capture physical and bio-physiological data in order to create an interactive dramatic work. Cherry Bone is based on a structure of relations between stage space, the human body on stage and the audience.

The stage is an organic and sensitive space that receives data of the actions taking place through video cameras and different systems of wireless sensors. The captured data will be analyzed by software to interpret, for example, the space location of the performers or the physical distance between them. Thus, the performers can dialog with the digital information to build three-dimensional, sonic and videograhic environment in real time linked to the thematics of alimentation and body.


During 2007 we worked on an early stage of CHERRYBONE , which grew from the process of research, testing and feedback activities. Among the activities, Kònic thtr scheduled for 2008 a series of OpenLab/show.

Keywords: Body/Food, Culture/Aliment, motion sensors, gesture recognition, computer vision.


Ca l’Estruch
(Sabadell 2007)

Sala Nasa
(Santiago Compostela 2008)

Telefonica Foundation Lima
(Perú 2008)

Bodig08 Festival
(Estambul, Turquía 2008)

CESC Pompeia
(Sao Paulo, Brasil 2008)

Finalists. Performing Arts Award
(Spain, Lleida 2008)

Municipal Theater L’Escoxador
(Spain, Lleida 2008)


International Festival of Contemporary Art, FIAC. Lion
(Mexico 2009)

Transversal Festival, International Meeting of Contemporary Stage.

Pachuca and Mexico DF
Mexico 2009)

Live Electronics:

Alain Baumann


Sachiko Fullita


Rosa Sánchez


Adolf Alcañiz and Rosa Sánchez

Computer Graphics:

Juan Carlos Olmos and David Dalmazzo


Alex Posada

Software Development:

Frederic Bevilacqua [Real Time Musical Interaction Team-IRCAM- París (France)]

Software Development for Cherrybone (based on the MNM library):

Alain Baumann


Juli González


Delphine Bournique and Rosa Sánchez

Coordination, Communication and Translation:

Marta Gracia and Barbarakay Cisterna

With the collaboration of:

IRCAM-Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique. Paris (France)
Les Golfes de Can Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)
Ca l’Estruch (Sabadell, Spain)
Creation Center l'Animal a l'Esquena (Celrà, Spain)
C.I.F.P. (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Hangar, Centre de Creació d’Arts Visuals I Multimèdia (Barcelona, Spain)

With the support of:

ICIC Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries, Government of Catalonia
EADC Autonomous Cultural Promotion Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia

Production of:

Konic Thtr
Klez project, S.L.