Kòniclab presents the first activity of the ‘ECOSS’ Festival, 2019 edition

 “ECOSS, ecosystems of the unexpected”, an intermedia festival which, in this new edition, explores the space of intersection between arts, nature and technology, within a feminist perspective.

Defying conventional narratives, ECOSS presents an interactive approach to new artistic languages and to the ever-expanding territories of cultural transversality, where technology is presented to us as a way to reinvent the living arts and our relationship with others, humans and non-humans alike and the space that surrounds us.

An inedit digital culture, unclassifiable and visionary, that provokes an encounter with the unexpected.

CALLING FOR PARTICIPANTS: ECOSS 2019 calls to take part in two days of practical workshops on sound experimentation.

Two interesting workshops of Sound Art with Lina Bautista and Víctor Jiménez’s teachings, where we’ll learn to apply digital editing techniques to create and experiment with various soundscapes.

Both of these workshops on “Sound Context – Characterization and space recreation” will end with an open doors session to share the experience and the process with the public. Also, at the end of each sound lab session there will be musical interventions and interactive performances, don’t miss out!


October 15 and 16. From 4PM to 7PM.


At the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats in Barcelona (Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20).


You can get your tickets by clicking here.

// Programme

Defying conventional narratives, ‘ECOSS’ presents an interactive approach to the ever-expanding territories of cultural transversality, where technology is presented to us as a way to reinvent living arts and our relationship with others and the space that surrounds us.


Sound recording workshop. Schedule: 16:00 – 19:00.

A practical and creative workshop on field recording with professional tools. This workshop is centered on catching the most representative sounds of a place, to be able to contextualize it sound-wise. This way, we’ll be able to understand the sounds that surround us and that configure the sound reality of our environment.


Sound identity workshop. Schedule: 16:00 – 19:00.

Creative and experimental workshop where methods and digital techniques of sound design for images will be applied, to work on the sound identity of a place. We’ll learn to prepare and create geolocalized soundscapes at determined sites, neighbourhoods and equipments.


Lina Bautista studied Musical Composition, Interactive Musical Systems Design and Sound Art. She has produced labeled works with her musical Project Linalab and has performed around Europe, South America and Japan.Nowadays she works at Familiar DIY, doing electronic instrument construction workshops; is a producer at the record label Synth Vicious, is a member of Sons of Barcelona; is a Toplap project developer, focused on live coding; is also a technical coordinator of Mediaestruch and a teacher at SAE Institute and the Master’s Degree of Sound Art of the University of Barcelona.

Víctor Jiménez studied Telecommunications Engineering and specialized with a master’s degree on Sound and Music Technologies at Pompeu Fabra University. He co-founded So Factory Studio, where he works as a sound engineer and music producer. He managed research, innovation and digital society projects of the i2CAT Foundation. He works for the Institute of Culture of the Ajuntament de Barcelona. Co-founded Bit Lab Cultural, where he manages projects of cultural and social innovation. He also co-founded the records label Pick Your Twelve and coordinates the pedagogic innovation project named School of Rock.

// These workshops are part of the second edition of the Festival “ECOSS. Ecosystems of the unexpected” held in Barcelona on October 15, 16 and 17 at Fabra i Coats and 24 and 25, at LaBonne, organized by Kòniclab.