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True 0.2. Interactive installation and performance. 2000

True is an interactive installation created for the show of the same name by the intermediate collective Fierce. (Kevin Finnan- Direction , Rosa Sanchez Installation, A. L. Kennedy Screenplay, Alain Baumann – Music and interactivity, Deborah Pope – Choreography -Aerial )
True is a cross media collaboration,fusing performance and installation to provide a unique,interactive experience.

Concept: The deconstruction of human anatomy, fetishism and death, manifestations of urban incommunication

Inter relation of visual and sonic materials in three sculptural pieces. Each piece has its own interactive mechanism based on various technologies: voice recognition, 3D environment, robotics as well as an area of tactile and auditory perception.

True is based on a play by Scottish writer Alison L. Kennedy written specifically for this project, about the relationship between Lucy, a woman who just died, and three important characters in her life: her husband, her lover and her daughter.

In the installation the relation between the three characters will take shape into three interactive pieces, and Lucy’s dead body represented as a virtual body in the space.
The first piece called The Travelogue – Corresponds to the lover and consists of an interactive 3D VRML navigation environment. This piece is understood as a control area upon the dead body and offers to the user the possibility to navigate through the information it contains. The image and sound generated by the navigation are projected in the installation space.

The second piece called The Testing Role Area – Corresponds to the husband and is a prosthesis for one user. Voice recognition commands will allow a non linear reading of A.L.Kennedy’s text and a reconstruction of the existing relations between the characters.

The third piece called Delusion Device – Corresponds to the daughter and consists of a robotic writing mechanism. When manipulated, it confronts the visitor with the memory learning to write and refers to the hierarchic relation between mother and daughter as they appear in the text.
These pieces with their different functions will contribute to the transmission of the information contained in the virtual body to the whole of the installation space. They will also create sound and visual microclimates by making legible, visible, audible the inter-relations defined below.



Inter Relations:

·The character / social body / woman Lucy and her social extensions: her lover, her daughter and her husband.

·The human body – Lucy and her anatomists : the dissector, the lector and the professor (cf. the human dissection treatise realized by the anatomist Vesalius, 16th century).

·The informational body – Lucy and her communication codes, the fragmentation gives access to the rearrangement of information.


TRUE : Created for the intermedia project Fierce Project – Tramway, Glasgow (Scotland 2000).

TRUE 0.2: A reduced version of TRUE, with performance from Kònic Thtr. Created for Mostra d’Arts Electròniques 2000
·Mostra d’Arts Electròniques, Centre d’Art Sta Mònica (Barcelona, 2000)
·Gallery Rachel Hafferkamp (Colonia, Alemania, 2001)
·Lelieunique (Nantes, Francia, 2001)

TRUE 0.3:
·Coro Igrexa da Universidade, Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, 2003)
·Centro Cultural de España en México (México DF, 2003)

Keywords : deconstruction of human anatomy , fetishism , death , installation performance with audience participation , interactive 3D, robotic arm , speech recognition.

Collaboration: This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the department of audiovisual Technologies, Multimedia Section, La Salle engineering Department of the university Ramon Llull, Barcelona (Spain).

What the press said:

“..the culmination of a two-year collaboration between luminaries such as Scots writer AL Kennedy and artist Rosa Sánchez, this is like nothing you have ever seen before.”  Evening Times 4.9.2000

“..utilising the extraordinary exhibition space which houses Rosa Sanchez’s amazing installation, the piece sustains its mood of menace and attraction throughout.” Scotland on Sunday 10.9.2000

” Severe yet vulnerable, melodramatic yet curiously mundane, True is one of the most ambitious and complete live arts works I have ever experienced” Metro Life 5.9.2000



Tramway, Glasgow Arts

With the collaboration:

Multimedia engineering department of the University Ramon Llull (Barcelona)