Presentation of DisT-Dance Z During ECOSS Festival

Presentation during the Festival ECOSS, ecosystems of the unexpected

October 14 2021 18h

Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica de Creación, Barcelona, in connection with Vannerie, Toulouse (France) and EiMa Creación, Maria de la Salut (Mallorca)

DisT-Dance Z is a stage creation f D(is) T-D(ance), A network dance creation platform, selected with the Covid-19 support funds by the Euroregion Mediterranean Pyrénées project,.

A project led by three dance companies representing the regions of Occitania, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands: The Company K.Danse in Toulouse, Konic Thtr in Barcelona and the Company Mariantonia Oliver in Mallorca.

The D(is)T-D(ance) project proposes to create new dramatizations for the performing arts, and in particular for dance, based on the creative use of Internet. We call them tele-distributed (or networked) performances.

We imagine them as live dance performances taking place simultaneously between several distant spaces.

The audience can attend live in a “conventional” space or via the Internet.

Learn more about the project on the web (French, Catalan and Spanish):