Bruma Net #14 in the CCE Cordoba. Argentina. 06.08.2020 19h (AR)

The 14th edition of Bruma / Net by Kònic Thtr, inaugurates Agosto Digital at the Spanish Cultural Centre in Cordoba, Argentina.

Live from Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Spain on Thursday, August 6 at 7:00 p.m. (Argentina).

Agosto digital is a space consolidated for creators who explore the dialogue between the arts and new media. Every two years, the Spanish Cultural Center in Cordoba (Argentina) opens up to show and discuss the most recent experiences of the Media Arts.

Link to the Web of Agosto Digital

You can see the Live on Xanela’s Facebook

Bruma / Net by Kònic Thtr and guest for Agosto Digital 2020 includes the participation of the musicians : “Hijos de Distinta Madre” (Franco Pellini and Federico Ragessi), live from Cordoba.


Concept and Direction Bruma/Net : Rosa Sánchez & Alain Baumann

With the participation of live Dance/Performance: Alejandra Ceriani (Argentina), Daniela Guimaraes (Brazil ), Andrea Nicole (Bolivia), Alannath Ocampo (Colombia), Camila Rocha (Bolivia), Live Visuals Rosa Sanchez (Sapin), Programing Alain Baumann (Spain)

Live Music : “Hijos de distinta madre” Franco Pellini , Federico Ragessi (Argentina)

A project by Konic Thtr & LAB (Barcelona).

With the Collaboration of: Spanish Cultural Centre in Cordoba (Argentina), Fabra i Coats – Fábrica de Creación. Barcelona

With the support of : Culture Institute – Barcelona City Council. Ministry of Culture – Generalitat de Catalunya