Networked dance Barcelona*Kònic Thtr – Prague*NPAPW 3.4.2019

I wish I would dance well under the stars  Interactive and Networked performance.

Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2019 (NPAPW19)

When? Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 7.30pm

Where? Martinu Room. Music and Dance Faculty. Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU). In Prague.

What? Laboratory of tele-distributed stage. In the framework of the NPAPWS (Network Performing Arts Production Workshop) Kònic has been invited to participate to an improvised collaborative performance of music and dance based on the book by Marek Orko Vácha, entitled: I wish I would dance well under the stars.

The work of Kònic in this piece is based on two dancers who meet virtually on stage. One is in Barcelona and the other one is in Prague on the stage of the Martinu hall. The music is played live by two organists in two churches in Prague. A third organist plays teh organ in Martinu Hall and a fourth musician plays the dulcimer on the stage in Martinu Hall.

The audience in Prague can see this dance and music performance live; in which part of the performers are connected from distant places through broadband network connections.

For this event, in Konic we have prepared a live dance for the camera with visual treatments that refer to the content of the piece. The image from Barcelona will be presented in a holographic style projection and in interaction with the sound played in Prague. Thanks to broadband internet connection provided by CSUC in Barcelona, and the Ultragrid software developed by CESNET in Prague, the images of the dancers travel between Barcelona and Prague with near zero latency.



Live music (Prague):

Jaroslav Tůdt. – pipe organ – Live remotely from the Church of San Lorenzo in Prague

Stefan Beier – pipe organ – Live remotely fromthe Church of the Saints. Simon and Jude

Daniel Knut Pernet – organ in Martinu Hall HAMU

Jan Rokyta – Live Cimbalom and record flutes on the stage at Martinu Hall


Markéta Jandová on the stage at Martinu Hall (Prague)

Viktoria Kohalmi – Live dance from Barcelona

Direction and videodance performance in Barcelona: Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann (Kònic Thtr)

Camera operator: Marc Rider

Network connection:

Carlos Saura, Communications Technician (CSUC)

Álex Giménez, Systems Administrator (CSUC)

Maria Isabel Gandia, Communications Manager (CSUC)

Communication: Dana Buscall


KONICLAB / ECOSS, Ecosistemes de l’Inesperat

Fabra i Coats – Fabrica de Creación. Barcelona

CSUC. Consorci Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya

HAMU. The Academy of Performing Arts. Prague. Czech Republic

CESNET. Prague. Czech Republic