Espai NO Tàctil at Festival INFLUX [video on stage]

Espai NO Tàctil by Kònic Thtr opens the fourth edition of the Festival INFLUX [ video on stage ]


November, Tuesday 09th · 21: 00h · Antic Teatre (Barcelona) · Tickets 6 €

A concert-dance-performance between performers who can never touch each other but can communicate through distance. An intertwining flow of movements, music and images produced live, that offers the audience a poetic immersion in fragile bodies and evocative ephemeral images.

At Espai NO Tàctil, Kònic Thtr explores the interrelationship between “tactile” and “nontactile”, a reflection about the body (or tactile space) and the psychological space (nontactile).


Espai NO Tàctil :: ————————–CREDITS
Choreography / Stage direction: Rosa Sánchez
Interactive technology direction and development: Alain Baumann
Performance: Rosa Sánchez
Live music and visuals: Alain Baumann
Image: Rosa Sánchez and Adolf Alcañiz (Barcelona)
Concept: Rosa Sánchez
Directed by: Adolf Alcañiz and Amir Gazit
Coordination and communication: Ana Candela
Production company: Kòniclab
With the support of:
Fabra i Coats Creation Factory. Barcelona
ICUB. Institute of Culture. Barcelona City Council
Department of Culture. Generalitat of Catalonia
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport