Tele-distributed performance at the NPAPW. Barcelona -Kopenhagen- Miami -Praga

Tele distributed dance and music. Monday, April 3rd 2017
In the frame of NPAPW (Network Performing Artes Production Workshop) Kònic will be part of the performance ‘Similarities’.
We will be sending images from the MACBA Museum in Barcelona, to Kopenhagen (Denmark) to take part in a tele-distributed performance of dance and music.

With the musicians of Unlimited Trío from Prague, dancer Jocelyn Perez from Miami, and the choreographer and dancer Jana Bitterova in Kopenhagen.
This event is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the CSUC and MACBA in Barcelona

Link to NPAPW

Documentation of the performance streamed from the Barcelona node
Similarities: Networked performance - Barcelona Node -Making of