#14Skyline (deconstructed). December 2 – 16. CCD. Mexico city

From December 2nd to 16th Kònic Thtr will participe with #14:Skyline in the Transdcisciplinary Laboratory for Stage Creation (LabCet) organized by the Bioscénica platform at the Centre for Digital Culture in Mexico city.

The laboratory will be led by artisst with recognized trajectories: the catalan duet Kònic Thtr (Rosa Sánchez and Alain Bauman), Aniara Rodat (Colombia), Óscar Martin (Spain), Jean-Marc Chomaz (France), Myriam Beutelspacher (Mexico), Ezequiel Steinman (Argentina), Mónica Nepote (Mexico), Martín Bakero (Chili), Minerva Hernández (Mexico) and Alejandro Ortiz González (Mexico).

Poets, choreographers, activists, phisicians, performers, sound artists, dramaturgs, electonic artists, biologists and designers propose to mobilize and deepen the knowledge that is hidden in the body, producing collective experiences and materials; expressive multimedia and technological with which to intervene and deconstruct the piece #14:SKYLINE by Kònic Thtr

LabCet will conclude with three public presentations on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th Decembre at the Center for Digital Culture.

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