Escena interactiva

Kòniclab organizes the Third Digital Stage on October, 5th at Fabra i Coats (Creation Factory) in Barcelona, in connection with Strasbourg and Santiago of Chile.

Workshops & Labs

Second edition of the Digital Stage Festival. Digital stage is a space for reflection about the performing arts and the possibilities offered by the use of new technologies.

Workshops & Labs

Several international workshops have been organnized within the IAM EU project, with the objective to create a space for dialogue and training on the use of AR to promote cultural heritage.

Networked Performance

Networked performance. Distributed dance between Kònic Thtr in Barcelona and Nantou-Taiwan. Dancer Victoria Macarte will establish a duo from Barcelona with dancer Yi Tzu Lee in Nantou – Taiwan, with the music played live between Prague (Ivan Vokac.Cello, Jan Mracek.Violin y Lukas Klansky.Piano) and Miami (Andrew Larson.Cello)

Workshops & Labs

The ‘Digital Stage Workshop’ is a space for reflection on the future of the performing arts and new stages generated by the use of new technologies.

Interactive stage

Konic Thtr develops and presents a show in Shadok – digital factory in Strasbourg – working as artists in residence with the collaboration with young dancers from the dance department from at Strasbourg University.

Workshops & Labs

Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann develop an intensive training activity in the field of contemporary creation and new technologies.

Escena telemàtica

Workshop: distributed and telematic stage. Santiago – Barcelona. 2013