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a{d'aigua} Creation and Research multi-format Project - 2009 - 2010 -
  • Proposed multi-format <-> Interactive Scene <->
  • A {d’aigua} A {d’Aigua} is a highly visual performance that brings together one dancer, one performer and one musician to compose audiovisual environment in real time. Water is the theme around which we will build the contents of the piece. Water as a fluid, as a necessity, and also as a link between all life forms. A gift of nature, which we have to defend and protect. .

  • Meetings between Kònic thtr and choreographers
  • Konic thtr present this project as a proposal in evolution with which invites different choreographers to visit their universe of technological devices, live computer music and visuals, in a transversal experience of research and creation for the stage. Bringing together new technologies, choreography, interpretation and music. One of the first steps in the development process of A {d'aigua} took place at L'Animal a l'Esquena in collaboration with María Muñoz (Mal Pelo Co._Barcelona). The result of that research process creation was presented during the festival IDN at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, in January 2009. The following experiences has been performed with dancer Masu Fajardo, and has been featured in several international tours from NY, through Génève, Casablanca, and Moscow. And the proposal evolves with the choreographer Salud López ( Digital_Sevilla), continuing the process of exploration and research of this project in constant evolution.
  • Meetings body-technology
  • In Konic thtr we are developing processes of research and development that focus on the languages and tools that make use of real time interactive technologies on the stage.
  • A {d’aigua} is an experience of theatrical creation that combines dance and new technologies specifically created for the project, the result of an initial research process that has been adapted and complemented over time. Over the last two years we have concentrated on several research and creative processes, which were developed in the form of laboratories. Over the same period of time we have developed wireless sensors that are aimed at capturing the movements of the dancers on stage in real time, and are of small size for a better integration of the sensors on the body. We also worked with the gesture following library called MnM from Frédéric Bevilacqua and developed at the Real Time Musical Interaction Team- IRCAM-Paris (France). The combination of the sensors and software allows us to record gestures of the dancer and recognize them afterwards.

  • Contemporary Dance Meetings
  • A {d’aigua} shows the current state of the research in the languages and tools we have developed in recent years and is also the result of the encounters between Konic thtr and different choreographers in contemporary dance scene.
  • Lab
  • The labs are the field of experimentation of the new technological tools we are developing, and focus on the creative process and the application of these tools to new languages for the contemporary stage.
  • In 2008 we conducted several of these laboratories aimed at young professionals of the fields of the performing arts, video creation and computer programming.
  • Installation
  • The project A {d'aigua} } has also been brought under installation format, suggesting a hybrid of languages that are combined and embodied in an audiovisual interactive and participatory space.
  • Credits:
  • Artistic and Stage direction: Rosa Sánchez
  • Choreography : Maria Muñoz (Mal Pelo)
  • Technological direction and sound composition : Alain Baumann
  • Performers :
  • Masu Fajardo, dance
  • Alain Baumann, live electronic music
  • Rosa Sánchez, performance
  • Sachiko Fullita, video performance
  • Video and Computer Graphics: Adolf Alcañiz, Rosa Sánchez and Juan Carlos Olmos
  • Electronics: Alex Posada
  • Software : Frederic Bevilacqua : Real Time Musical Interaction Team-IRCAM- París (France)
  • Alain Baumann, audio and interaction development
  • Lighting: Ramón Rey
  • Dress: Carme Puigdevall
  • Sound: Jordi Agut
  • Stage Set: Lali Canosa / Teler
  • Coordination and communication :Toni Subirá
  • Production
  • Kònic thtr/Proyecto Klez SL
  • Co.Production:
  • - NU2’s, Associació per la creació. Barcelona
  • - 3 Legged Dog, Art & Technology Center. New York
  • With the collaboration of :
  • - Festival IDN. Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona)
  • - IRCAM-Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique. París (France)
  • - Centre de Creació L’Animal a l’Esquena. Celrá (Girona)
  • - L'Estruch, fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu
  • - Laboratori d’interactivitat. Hangar, Centre de Creació d’Arts Visuals I Multimèdia (Barcelona)
  • - Mal Pelo
  • - Associació koniclab_creació contemporània i noves tecnologies
  • - Progetto Officine Sintetiche.A cura della Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione, Politecnico de Torino (Ingegneria del Cinema) e Servi di Scena Opusrt in collaborazione con CIRMA, Virtual Reallity & Multimedia Park. Torino (Italy)

Main exhibition places :

> Festival IDN. Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona (Spain)

> Festival Electron. Génève. Suiza (Spain)

> Certesa Simulada. Arts Sta Mònica. Barcelona (Spain)

> Cartografías de la Danza2010. Teatro de Madrid. Madrid (Spain)

> Festival International d’Art Video de Casablanca (Marocco)

> Thsekh. Moscow (Rusia)

> 3 Legged Dog, Art & Technology Center. New York. USA

External links:

A (d'aigua) en Youtube

Festival IDN Barcelona

Officine Sintetiche

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Research Process

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The Institut Ramon Llull

Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts

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